Softening the heart

Ramadan is a time to evaluate our hearts. To take a self-check. To give yourself some self-care. Asking ourselves if we are really submitting to Allah’s will?

Am I wholeheartedly submitting to what Allah has ordained for me? Am I using the tests, that Allah gives me, as a means to become closer to Him? To truly understand the meaning, and to grab the opportunities it gives me?

Tests can be hard. We might be tested with something that causes much grief and stress. But also a way to grow our patience and submit to Him SWT. No one said it would be easy. But the promise of the rewards to come are worthwhile. Changing our attitude to what we face, softening our hearts to the love and mercy that Allah shows us. Becoming closer to Him, SWT, through the ups and the downs.

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At times it can be easier to remember Him when we are struggling, turning to Him, begging and pleading for ease. Crying to the Creator of the Universe. Crying to the Only One who really understands us at all. But what about when the difficulty is removed? What about when we get that ease? Are we always as quick to remember Him then?

A reminder to myself first and foremost; don’t become comfortable with your life. Change things. Challenge yourself. Change your acts of Ibadah. Recite new duas, new surahs. Make changes to grow and to learn. This life is a test. We are but fleeting travellers. Don’t make yourself too comfy in your circumstances. Ensure to be open and prepared for change. Ensure to work on your heart regularly, not only during the month of blessings, but throughout the year as well. Bi’thnilah.

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