Keeping on the Straight Path

As Muslims we pray to Allah and ask Him, SWT, to keep us on the straight path. ‘Suratal Mustakeem’. Every day we ask Allah for this, at least seventeen times. One of the biggest, most important foundations, is to keep on the straight path, away from that which could misguide us, that which could turn our hearts away from Him, what will displease Him, SWT, and could potentially lead us to the Hell fire. May Allah safe guard us all. Ameen

But what about other aspects of life? Do we have the desire to keep on the straight path? When we begin something new in life do we put effort in to keeping on the path that will lead to success, bi’thnillah, and are we aware of what could lead us to fall off?

For example, do we consider what will lead us astray with regards to staying on a good eating program? Do we start something at the beginning of the month only to have gone back to old habits at the end?

People often create new year ‘resolutions’, starting a new hobby or exercise, cutting out a bad habit or implementing a good one, but how many of these new habits continue into the year.

I have been there many times myself, starting projects, only to become overwhelmed, or uninspired. Sometimes not having the support around, sometimes not having the right tools around. It can makes things seem hard to achieve or even begin. But when you have a passion for something, when you have determination to succeed that is when falling off the path becomes even more unquestionable.

Staying on the path, moving forward with continuous momentum, this is what will lead to success, in shaa Allah. This is what will lead to achieving your goals and dreams. Bi’thnillah.

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