Ramadan reflections day 11

Ramadan is a time when our duaa list is heaving. We stay up into the night to find more time to squeeze in duaa. We spend longer in sujood to ask Allah, to cry to Him, to become closer to Him, SWT.

There is no doubt that Ramadan should be a time when we ask for forgiveness, guidance, and for Jannah. To ask Allah, SWT, for all that our hearts desire. To pray for the Ummah. For the suffering, for the oppressed. May Allah ease our suffering, and help us all. Ameen.

Photo by Idina Risk on Pexels.com

But sometimes we wonder, is my duaa accepted? Have I done enough? Why is my duaa not becoming apparent right now?

There are many reasons which the Sheikhs talk about in great detail. There are many ways to improve our duaas. But one thing that resonated with me, when I listened to a lecture this morning, was; am I (because it’s a reminder for myself first and foremost) thinking about MY response to what Allah wants from me?

Maybe I’m thinking too much about what I want from Him, SWT, but have I fulfilled my obligations to Him? Have I thought about my response to Allah and His commands? Or am I just thinking about myself, and my desires?

Ramadan is a time to work on our hearts. To work on our sincerity. May He, SWT, keep us amongst the sincere, and never let our hearts go astray. Ameen.

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