Starting afresh

Now Ramadan and Eid have gone ( I pray you had a blessed time, may Allah accept from you and us, Ameen) it’s often a time we can start afresh. Our bodies have been recharged. Hopefully, they’ve experienced a good detox. Our hearts surely should be feeling regenerated and closer to the Almighty, Bi’thnillah.

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Personally, I find it a strange time, beginning of old routines, but hopefully not old habits. Applying new habits that we have taken up during the blessed month. Alhamdulillah.

One of my biggest takeaways is how quickly the time seems to be flying. And how much I can really do if I put my mind to it. What our bodies are really capable of, and the hidden strength that we all possess. Ma shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Working on our ibadah during the blessed month really comes down to working on our hearts. Pondering about where they are. Where they should be at. If we are truly happy with the lifestyle that we are living, that we have created for ourselves. Finding ways to make positive changes, and stick to them with the greatest intention.

Allah is al Rahman. The most merciful. Al Raheem, the especially merciful. We are blessed to have been given this special mercy from Him. I can utilise this to work on myself, to continue with the good intentions that Ramadan brought about. May Allah SWT strengthen our hearts and keep us firm in the Deen. Ameen.

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