Goodbye to perfections

Have you been a victim of procrastination? Not moving forward because of the fear of failing or the fear of not delivering 100%?

I think the majority of us can say that at some point, we have stopped ourselves from even starting a project because of the fear of failure. As Muslims we know that Allah, SWT, did not create us without flaws. Nobody is perfect and that is fine. Allah, SWT, loves us the way we are, and we should too.

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We learn the most from the mistakes that we make, not from staying on the side-line and just dreaming. We have to be proactive to get anywhere.

It’s almost certain that one day you will regret not having tried, but doubtful you will regret having tried unsuccessfully. We can only improve from our first try; it may be frustrating or even difficult, but the best things usually are. The ones that require the most effort and work are usually what also give us the most reward in the long run.

For a long time I sat on the side-line, afraid and unsure of where or how to begin, but just starting with what you have instead of making excuses is a big achievement in itself.

I’m challenging you to let go of trying to be perfect, let go of the fear, and just start doing something which you love. Start with “bismillah” and good intentions, and reap the good feelings and rewards, bi’thnillah.

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