Goodbye to perfections

Have you been a victim of procrastination? Not moving forward because of the fear of failing or the fear of not delivering 100%? I think the majority of us can say that at some point, we have stopped ourselves from even starting a project because of the fear of failure. As Muslims we know thatContinue reading “Goodbye to perfections”

Starting afresh

Now Ramadan and Eid have gone ( I pray you had a blessed time, may Allah accept from you and us, Ameen) it’s often a time we can start afresh. Our bodies have been recharged. Hopefully, they’ve experienced a good detox. Our hearts surely should be feeling regenerated and closer to the Almighty, Bi’thnillah. Personally,Continue reading “Starting afresh”

Ramadan reflections day 11

Ramadan is a time when our duaa list is heaving. We stay up into the night to find more time to squeeze in duaa. We spend longer in sujood to ask Allah, to cry to Him, to become closer to Him, SWT. There is no doubt that Ramadan should be a time when we askContinue reading “Ramadan reflections day 11”

Keeping on the Straight Path

As Muslims we pray to Allah and ask Him, SWT, to keep us on the straight path. ‘Suratal Mustakeem’. Every day we ask Allah for this, at least seventeen times. One of the biggest, most important foundations, is to keep on the straight path, away from that which could misguide us, that which could turnContinue reading “Keeping on the Straight Path”

Softening the heart

Ramadan is a time to evaluate our hearts. To take a self-check. To give yourself some self-care. Asking ourselves if we are really submitting to Allah’s will? Am I wholeheartedly submitting to what Allah has ordained for me? Am I using the tests, that Allah gives me, as a means to become closer to Him?Continue reading “Softening the heart”