Goodbye to perfections

Have you been a victim of procrastination? Not moving forward because of the fear of failing or the fear of not delivering 100%?

I think the majority of us can say that at some point, we have stopped ourselves from even starting a project because of the fear of failure. As Muslims we know that Allah, SWT, did not create us without flaws. Nobody is perfect and that is fine. Allah, SWT, loves us the way we are, and we should too.

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We learn the most from the mistakes that we make, not from staying on the side-line and just dreaming. We have to be proactive to get anywhere.

It’s almost certain that one day you will regret not having tried, but doubtful you will regret having tried unsuccessfully. We can only improve from our first try; it may be frustrating or even difficult, but the best things usually are. The ones that require the most effort and work are usually what also give us the most reward in the long run.

For a long time I sat on the side-line, afraid and unsure of where or how to begin, but just starting with what you have instead of making excuses is a big achievement in itself.

I’m challenging you to let go of trying to be perfect, let go of the fear, and just start doing something which you love. Start with “bismillah” and good intentions, and reap the good feelings and rewards, bi’thnillah.

Starting afresh

Now Ramadan and Eid have gone ( I pray you had a blessed time, may Allah accept from you and us, Ameen) it’s often a time we can start afresh. Our bodies have been recharged. Hopefully, they’ve experienced a good detox. Our hearts surely should be feeling regenerated and closer to the Almighty, Bi’thnillah.

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Personally, I find it a strange time, beginning of old routines, but hopefully not old habits. Applying new habits that we have taken up during the blessed month. Alhamdulillah.

One of my biggest takeaways is how quickly the time seems to be flying. And how much I can really do if I put my mind to it. What our bodies are really capable of, and the hidden strength that we all possess. Ma shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Working on our ibadah during the blessed month really comes down to working on our hearts. Pondering about where they are. Where they should be at. If we are truly happy with the lifestyle that we are living, that we have created for ourselves. Finding ways to make positive changes, and stick to them with the greatest intention.

Allah is al Rahman. The most merciful. Al Raheem, the especially merciful. We are blessed to have been given this special mercy from Him. I can utilise this to work on myself, to continue with the good intentions that Ramadan brought about. May Allah SWT strengthen our hearts and keep us firm in the Deen. Ameen.

Ramadan reflections day 11

Ramadan is a time when our duaa list is heaving. We stay up into the night to find more time to squeeze in duaa. We spend longer in sujood to ask Allah, to cry to Him, to become closer to Him, SWT.

There is no doubt that Ramadan should be a time when we ask for forgiveness, guidance, and for Jannah. To ask Allah, SWT, for all that our hearts desire. To pray for the Ummah. For the suffering, for the oppressed. May Allah ease our suffering, and help us all. Ameen.

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But sometimes we wonder, is my duaa accepted? Have I done enough? Why is my duaa not becoming apparent right now?

There are many reasons which the Sheikhs talk about in great detail. There are many ways to improve our duaas. But one thing that resonated with me, when I listened to a lecture this morning, was; am I (because it’s a reminder for myself first and foremost) thinking about MY response to what Allah wants from me?

Maybe I’m thinking too much about what I want from Him, SWT, but have I fulfilled my obligations to Him? Have I thought about my response to Allah and His commands? Or am I just thinking about myself, and my desires?

Ramadan is a time to work on our hearts. To work on our sincerity. May He, SWT, keep us amongst the sincere, and never let our hearts go astray. Ameen.

Keeping on the Straight Path

As Muslims we pray to Allah and ask Him, SWT, to keep us on the straight path. ‘Suratal Mustakeem’. Every day we ask Allah for this, at least seventeen times. One of the biggest, most important foundations, is to keep on the straight path, away from that which could misguide us, that which could turn our hearts away from Him, what will displease Him, SWT, and could potentially lead us to the Hell fire. May Allah safe guard us all. Ameen

But what about other aspects of life? Do we have the desire to keep on the straight path? When we begin something new in life do we put effort in to keeping on the path that will lead to success, bi’thnillah, and are we aware of what could lead us to fall off?

For example, do we consider what will lead us astray with regards to staying on a good eating program? Do we start something at the beginning of the month only to have gone back to old habits at the end?

People often create new year ‘resolutions’, starting a new hobby or exercise, cutting out a bad habit or implementing a good one, but how many of these new habits continue into the year.

I have been there many times myself, starting projects, only to become overwhelmed, or uninspired. Sometimes not having the support around, sometimes not having the right tools around. It can makes things seem hard to achieve or even begin. But when you have a passion for something, when you have determination to succeed that is when falling off the path becomes even more unquestionable.

Staying on the path, moving forward with continuous momentum, this is what will lead to success, in shaa Allah. This is what will lead to achieving your goals and dreams. Bi’thnillah.

Softening the heart

Ramadan is a time to evaluate our hearts. To take a self-check. To give yourself some self-care. Asking ourselves if we are really submitting to Allah’s will?

Am I wholeheartedly submitting to what Allah has ordained for me? Am I using the tests, that Allah gives me, as a means to become closer to Him? To truly understand the meaning, and to grab the opportunities it gives me?

Tests can be hard. We might be tested with something that causes much grief and stress. But also a way to grow our patience and submit to Him SWT. No one said it would be easy. But the promise of the rewards to come are worthwhile. Changing our attitude to what we face, softening our hearts to the love and mercy that Allah shows us. Becoming closer to Him, SWT, through the ups and the downs.

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At times it can be easier to remember Him when we are struggling, turning to Him, begging and pleading for ease. Crying to the Creator of the Universe. Crying to the Only One who really understands us at all. But what about when the difficulty is removed? What about when we get that ease? Are we always as quick to remember Him then?

A reminder to myself first and foremost; don’t become comfortable with your life. Change things. Challenge yourself. Change your acts of Ibadah. Recite new duas, new surahs. Make changes to grow and to learn. This life is a test. We are but fleeting travellers. Don’t make yourself too comfy in your circumstances. Ensure to be open and prepared for change. Ensure to work on your heart regularly, not only during the month of blessings, but throughout the year as well. Bi’thnilah.

This is me

Stepping into the unknown can be scary. And exciting too! I’m Amy and for years I was in my comfy zone, just going from day to day. It can be dull, right? Even if you are overloaded with tasks; at home, work, learning. It can still be monotonous.

I’m a mum to three boys. They are adventurous, full of beans and very loving. They are sporty and energetic. They are funny and silly. They keep me on my toes for sure.

Alhamdulillah I found Islam when I was pregnant with my first son. Realising there was something missing from my life, and understanding that Allah was there for me. He, SWT, is there to talk to whenever we need; in the middle of the night, in the early hours of the morning. Allah is there through the good and the bad. Allah is the only One who really knows us at all. Alhamdullilah.

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So, I found myself in Morocco, me and my boys. I was living simply and considered myself as being ‘just’ a mum. Although maybe wishing for more. I had a wake up call. My dear sister @energizedmuslimah organised a sisters meet up. A mindset meet up. She inspired me, encouraged me and digged deep. I cried and had self-revelations. I re-discovered myself. I sat down to make a plan. I started making steps to better myself. It was exciting and thrilling. It was the hidden passion that I hadn’t even realised was still burning. Alhamdullilah.

And here I am. Here I am to inspire you and encourage you, to look deep inside and show up for yourself. Bi’thnillah.